The new logo with a test cover.
The new 2014 logo
About 50 potential fonts were tried out as a base for the logo. I used a font type plugin to test the fonts without having to purchase them. Then began a long process to shortlist a number of potential candidates.
The font we landed on was Neutraface as a starting point. We loved the technical angles and boldness of the font. It's open and unobtrusive yet has an unmistakably warm and human feel. 
The yellow strip on the 'O' was inspired and derived from the yellow line on a sports steering wheel. It exemplifies Autofil magazines more sporty nature as a car magazine and gives the logo a strong automotive feel.
The three stages of the Autofil logo. From left: 2002 - 2012 - 2014
The 2002 logo above against the new 2014 Autofil logo
A mock up testing the logos use as car decor. 
A mock up for the logo in use as a t-shirt for promotional purposes. Note how the yellow line is rotated to reflect the rev counter in a car on maximum.
Note how the 'O' has been used for bullet points on the cover.
For 2014 we decided to do a complete logo redesign. The original logo was designed in 2002 by NRK TV and was never intended to be used for a magazine. The TV program Autofil was scrapped in 2009 but the magazine continued. In 2012 Aller Media bought the rights to Autofil brand from NRK. The logo received some small 'tweaks' but was never given a full revamp.

The brief was to renew the logo but try to keep some og the original 'feel' from the 2002 logo so as not to alienate loyal newsstand Autofil readers. In short, make it new, but still recognisable. In addition I wanted the logo to have graphic forms enabling usage as design elements within the magazine and for promotional marketing. For example as bullet points, car decor, t-shirts, banners and so on.

Ironically during the design process of the logo an independent television production company approached us and wanted to revive Autofil TV. They required a logo that could be used for TV purposes and was versatile enough to allow it to be animated for opening sequences. 
The first issue with the new logo sold well on the news stands and was accepted well by our long term subscribers. In fact not one complaint was received.

This is a very short version of a long design process for the new Autofil logo.

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